My son has been learning with Ann since the summer and he is so excited for his piano lessons each week. After his second lesson he was invited to play in school assembly! Ann is a calm and motivating teacher, who focuses on fun and the love of music. I really can't recommend her enough.

Vicky Cooper

My daughter started taking Lessons with Ann after learning for a couple of years with a different teacher. Ann is enthusiastic, patient and encouraging and my daughter looks forwards to her lessons and is progressing well. I like that has Ann tailored her teaching to my daughters interest rather than being set on following a particular curriculum. I would highly recommend Ann as a teacher.

Jo Henson

My daughter looks forward to her lessons with Ann every week. One time she told me she had been struggling with her fast maths, she went off to her lesson with Ann and had so much fun that when she went back to maths afterwards she was able to do it so much more easily.

Laura Seanor

Our son has been taking piano lessons with Ann for 8 months now and his passion for learning the piano has been truly ignited. Ann has listened to his thoughts on his musical interests and why he wants to play the piano, then personalised his lessons based on this. Due to this he is keen to practise each week and looks forwards to his weekly lessons.

When I asked him about how he feels about his lessons with Ann he replied: "She always tells me it's alright when I make mistakes and then helps me to get it right. She makes me believe in myself"

As a parent all we wanted was for our son to be encouraged and inspired, which Ann has done completely, whilst also keeping us updated on his progress and lessons.

Jack and Emma Baker

Ann has been amazing with my daughter. She has brought out so much passion in her, something I've not seen before. Her confidence is blooming in the short time she has been doing the lessons. Ann is so lovely to deal with and has been flexible when things come up. Would highly recommend Ann to anyone wanting to give piano lessons a try!

Lauren Molloy

Ann is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend her.

Saga Galletly

My daughter loves her lessons with Ann!

David Montero

"Ann teaches piano and keyboard lessons at London Meed Primary School. The children love their lessons and often show off their talents in assembly. Ann has a lovely manner with the children. She is kind but firm and knows exactly how to motivate them to get the best out of them. Ann is about to start offering Woodwind lessons at our school. We are thrilled to have her as part of our Music lesson team."

Claire Stacey, Music Lead

"My son has piano lessons with Ann and whilst he loves the lessons he can be a little challenging! Ann is very patient with him and goes out of her way to find music that will engage him. She sees the potential in him works at his pace to bring it out. I couldn't recommend her more."


When looking for a saxophone teacher for my 13 year old daughter, Ann came highly recommended and now we can see why. Her teaching methods are great as my daughter tends to choose quite hard pieces to play. She's never once said it's too advanced for you but instead breaks it down and works through the piece with her. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her weekly lessons with Ann and loves the new challenges that face her every week. I asked my daughter about Ann and this is what she said

"She's an amazing teacher and listens to me about what I'd like to learn to play. She's extremely kind and very patient".

Hayley Scrase

Ann has done a wonderful job teaching my two daughters' piano. They had started to teach themselves at home but with Ann's knowledge, experience and sense of fun, they've come on leaps and bounds and discovered a real love for learning and see practising as a real joy and not a chore. I'd recommend Ann to anyone wanting a skilled and dedicated piano teacher for their child.

Elaine Birch

My 9 year old son Charlie has been having piano lessons with Ann for a few months now and he loves it. He's come on so much! Ann has such a lovely approach with teaching...lots of enthusiasm and encouragement and he always leaves with a spring in his step. It's lovely hearing him practice in the house!

Alison Dyson